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    The main material of steel gate is stainless steel or carbon steel coated with epoxy resin, rubber soft sealing, light weight, flexible operation, anti-corrosion, rust-free, easy installation and maintenance, sealing reliable and other functions, widely used in water works, sewage plants, drainage and irrigation, drainage, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, electricity, chemical, chemical, etc. The works such as pond and river are used as cut-off, regulating flow and controlling water level. Channel gate product features: light weight: about 1/3 weight of common gate. Corrosion resistance: acid and alkali resistant and resistant to most corrosive chemicals and sewage, sea water and so on. Good sealing: rubber soft sealing, good sealing torque is small: because the weight of the gate is light, and the friction resistance between the gate and the rail plate is small, so the operating torque is small. Long life: there is an anti lock structure between the gate and the guide rail to make the sealing surface wear very little. Maintenance is convenient: if leakage occurs after many years of use, just lifting the gate and replacing the rubber sealing ring on the door frame can save time and labor, low maintenance cost. Manual operation: screw opening and closing operation is convenient, light and reliable. Electric operation: electric control device, accurate positioning, light operation, easy to achieve automatic control and remote control.


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